Welcome to the home of Farmgen at AEI

Glanbia and AEI have partnered to bring you Farmgen, a fully funded Solar PV scheme for Glanbia milk suppliers. The aim of this scheme is to help farmers grow their business in a sustainable manner, long into the future, while bringing down onsite carbon emissions and improving efficiency on farms and reducing bills.

Why Solar PV?

Solar PV has been proven as the most simple and reliable renewable energy source for farmers in Ireland.

Smart monitoring 

We give you a smart app on your phone so you can view the generation from your Autarco solar system and you can see how to adapt your behaviour to drive further savings on the farm.

Fully funded solution

Installing your Solar system with AEI and Farmgen comes with the fully funded FundEquip scheme. This scheme allows the farmer to pay for the solar system through deductions from the monthly milk cheque.

Complete Confidence 

AEI are Irelands only agents for the Autarco Solar PV system. Autarco manufactures the entire solar PV system. This ensures higher performance, and with Autarcos knowledge of the entire system, they offer a unique output guarantee. If the system under performs, you get paid for the shortfall.

Why should my farm go Solar?

Deeper Savings with business solar energy
Cost Saving
A farms requirement for electricity will never go away. You can purchase it from the grid at market rates, or generate your own and make substantial savings
Protect against rising energy costs
Sustainability Action Plan
Our Solar PV system qualifies as one of the seven measures for the sustainability action plan payment of 0.5c / litre of milk
Variable unit rate
Guaranteed Savings
AEI offer Irelands only Solar PV system that comes with an output guarantee. Your investment will give you the savings we propose. No one else can say that.
Reduce carbon emmisions
Reduce carbon emissions
Energy from the sun is totally free from carbon emissions. It is 100% renewable and sustainable. Our solar PV system greatly reduces your onsite carbon emissions.
Energy Security
Energy Security
Commercial solar PV electricity is reliable, predictable and bankable; making it a great way to provide energy security for your business for the next 30-40 years.
Become a green business
Become a green business
Green Credentials are becoming more and more important these days. From ISO14001 down to the just doing your bit. Solar panels are a great way to improve your green credentials.
Farmer in control

Our Approach and experience

If you want to invest in Solar for your farm with zero risk, there is only one option. Combine Irelands longest established renewable energy installer AEI, with Glanbia and Autarco Solar PV and you will benefit from a wealth of experience and zero risk for your investment.

commercial energy

Why install your Solar system with AEI?

Reduce your business overheads, reduce onsite carbon emissions, benefit from the Glanbia sustainability action plan payment all with one Solar PV system. A simple installation with zero risk on your investment and financed by Irelands farmer focused finance scheme.

Benefits Of Commercial Solar PV

More and more businesses are investing in solar panels as they come with several benefits including:

A Clean Energy Source

PV cells offer green and carbon free energy that can be used to run all kinds of appliances on your farm, including sensitive dairy robots, water heaters and milk tanks. By going solar, you can show your support for a clean environment.


Solar panels can be installed on almost all farm sheds in Ireland, or even ground mounted if there is no roof space. The system can be moved and can feed your free solar electricity to your house if the existing wiring on site permits.

Reduced Costs

Farms, like any business, continuously needs to reduce overheads. SOlar systems themselves have dropped significantly over the past 10 years, so fitting solar has never made as much sense. If you have TAMS capacity, we can help drive further savings with our TAMS grant application package.


Solar PV system for electricity can be installed in one day for smaller systems and rarely takes more than 2 or 3 days to complete. The power is only switched off at the farm for a few minutes to allow the final terminations to be made at your fuse board.