As Ireland’s longest established renewable energy installer, we have the experience and expertise to reduce your farms energy costs through solar technology.

Why should I install Solar on my Farm?

Cost Saving
Your requirement for electricity will never go away. You can purchase it from the grid at market rates, or generate your own and make substantial savings
Protect against rising energy costs
The cost of your Solar Electricity is locked down when you sign the contract. If energy costs rise, your savings will increase each year.
Grants are available
The generous TAMS and BEC grants available give you a typical 5 year return on investment. Combining with the upcoming feed-in-tariff you could actually see a 4 year payback.
Reduce carbon emmisions
Energy from the sun is totally free from carbon emissions. It is 100% renewable and sustainable. Our solar system greatly reduces your onsite carbon emissions.
Energy Security
Solar electricity is reliable and predictable, making it a great way to provide energy security for your your business for the next 30-40 years.
Become a greener farm
Green Credentials are becoming more and more important these days on farms. Solar panels are a great way to improve your green credentials.

Our Approach/Experience

Working in partnership with EFS in Mullingar, we always ensure the best products are selected and are safe to work alongside any Lely machinery. With our Solar PV Solution your farm will generate free, renewable electricity behind the meter, reduce onsite carbon emissions and will have payback between 4-6 years. From September 2020 we will also be offering Irelands only kWhr output guarantee for Solar Energy.


Why use AEI

With over 13 years of experience, we are Ireland's longest established renewable energy installer. Having worked in farms throughout Ireland, we can share our experience to find the right solution for your business. With Irelands only output guarantee, we remove any risk from your investment in Solar Energy.