There are several grants available in Ireland for energy upgrades. AEI is registered with all of them. Grants are an excellent way to reduce your investment, improve your ROI and to ensure your system is installed to the latest standards.

Commercial Grants for Solar and LED lighting

In Ireland, there are grants available for certain technologies and businesses. They range from 30-50% depending on the nature of the business. We will assess each project on its merits and we can advise if the grant will be worth your time and energy. If your project is suitable for a grant, we need to apply to the relevant department and follow the process set out for each application. It’s worth noting that the Better Energy Community (BEC) grant window closes in January, so apply well before then.

Get in touch and we will advise on what we feel is right for your business. The grants are available for all businesses to apply to and the BEC grant will accept Solar PV, LED lighting along with other energy related upgrades.

If you wish to apply for the BEC 2021 scheme, contact us ASAP and we will explain how the process works.



What are the catches to doing a grant application?

You generally only get a 2-month window each year to apply. If you submit during the window, you could have 6 months to wait for an answer. Project costs are driven up by several factors that we will explain to you on a case by case basis. You might not get grant approval or you may be approved, but at a lower rate than anticipated.


Is it difficult to apply for the BEC grant?

We do as much of the application as possible. We only involve you when we need forms signed or certain details not publicly available.