We have partnered with Arden Energy who offers competitive rates and provides a clear path to significant cost reductions through energy efficiency.


Reduce Cost

Arden Energy's unique offering helps you reduce your bills through cheaper tariffs and integrating an energy management system into your building. This highlights any energy inefficient processes and practices that are wasting money. Arden Energy will purchase surplus solar electricity from you and sell it back to the national grid. Your unit rate of electricity will vary in cost each month, much like a variable mortgage. Fixed-rate mortgages cost more, and so does fixing your rate of electricity.


Take Control

Arden Energy gives companies the power to take control of their energy consumption. They assign an energy engineer to every customer and they are always available to help you manage your on-site energy consumption. Your energy engineer will offer advice on how to help reduce your consumption, without impacting your business.

The Benefits of Arden Energy

Deeper Savings
In order to gain real savings, investment is required. Thats why we combine our Solar PV and LED lighting installations with Arden Energy's service to give you real savings.
Variable unit rate
Fixing your mortgage is a more expensive way to pay off your mortgage. It's predictable, but that does come at a premium. At Arden Energy, they provide variable rates which is a great way to make great savings.
Sell excess energy
Sell excess power back to the national grid. If you generate excess solar power from your solar system, Arden Energy will purchase this from you at an agreed rate per unit.
The energy landscape has changed over the last few years and will continue to evolve. Modernising how you generate, consume and purchase electricity will ensure your business is more sustainable.
Energy Management
When you consume large amounts of energy, you should have an energy management plan in place. Arden Energy will provide you with the tools to build and implement your energy management plan.
Measurement of energy is paramount, You need to measure and monitor all energy usage. With Arden Energy and AEI, you can monitor your consumption and make informed financial decisions.